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Weiyin Solar Smart Benches Causes Extensive Concern at GBA 2019 Flower Show

   The most exciting thing that Shenzhen people are now expecting in early Spring is Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay 。2019 Shenzhen Flower Show, which started today and will be open till March 31st. 

    At the show you will see more than 1100 different kinds of beautiful flowers, 5pcs International gardens, and 11pcs characteristic parks, It will be a veritable fairyland.

    Our smart street benches Item#1802 and #1805 are also shown there and cause extensive concern of the citizens. People are eager to experience the phone charging by the park benches and enjoy fast Wi-Fi.

    Weiyin will continue to make nice benches and hope to make greener and smarter cities with you


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